insights heroes compiles only the data that we need. We handle in-person market research through focus groups and individual interviews as well as online data gathering via research communities and studies. We also combine in-person and online research methods.

insights heroes complies to the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) defined in the Privacy Act 1988 Schedule 1 and in the Code of Professional Behaviour 2014 of the Australian Market and Social Research Society (AMSRS). These regulations affect how we can gather, maintain, utilise, uncover and transfer any data of persons who take part in any of our market research studies.

In some instances, we sub-contract independent, specialist, quality-certified suppliers to manage the sampling, interviews, recruitment, and survey study as well as data processing. Our sub-contractor specialists also follow the Privacy Act principles and AMSRS Code of Professional Behaviour mentioned earlier. Subsequently, we, along with our research sub-contractors, view and handle any personal data that we gather with utmost privacy and confidentiality.

All the data that we utilise is mainly for research and strictly not for sales, marketing, and other objectives. Normally, the research data given to us or to our sub-contractors are reported to clients in a collective format without identifying the survey respondents except in cases where persons earlier asked agreed to have their personal information revealed for the purpose of follow-ups.

For surveys that require sensitive data, respondents can opt out from answering personal questions and remain anonymous or they may settle for an alias for identification reasons. All personal data gathered during surveys is removed once it's no longer required but shall remain identifiable and pertinent for us. Moreover, the persons concerned can always request access or removal of their personal information by simply contacting us at

Feel free to call the Australian Market and Social Research Society at their survey line on 1300 364 830 anytime to verify if a company is acknowledged by them. You can also check out their website regarding information on the Market and Social Research Privacy Principles and the Code of Professional Behaviour at